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Owen | 3 Months Old


On April 14th, Owen turned 3 months old!!

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Owen | 2 Months Old


On March 14th, our sweet Owen turned 2 months old! I seriously cannot believe how fast time is flying with this little guy! Here are some highlights from 1-2 months!

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Life Lately

Hey there! So it’s been quite a while. I’ve been meaning to blog, but between the feeding and the rocking and the not even having time to shower…it’s sort of dropped of the radar. Right now, I’m sitting on my couch and eating some semi-sweet chocolate chips as I type and watch Owen sleeping on the monitor. It’s the little things like this that seem luxurious these days!

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Life With a Baby

Hey everyone! Owen is taking a nap right now, so I thought I’d spend some time blogging. I know, I know, I should be sleeping. I hear ya! But, you don’t even know how much I crave doing some of my hobbies and regular stuff. Even doing laundry! [Edited to add: I ended up taking a nap for an hour] The past 2 months have been pretty crazy since Owen was born. We love him so much and really can’t imagine life without him at this point. Life is certainly different from what it used to be!

Adjusting to this new season

So many couples with kids told us the following things when we were expecting:

  • Enjoy your time together now!
  • Make sure you go on date nights now, because you won’t be able to for a while!
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet
  • Sleep while you can!

While we definitely took this advice to heart, you don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into until you’re in the midst of it all. There are some days that my heart is about to explode with my love for Owen and our new life as a family of 3. But there are other days where I’ll tear up (okay, I’ll cry) talking to Stephen about how much I just miss time with just him. Time when I was able to walk to the door to greet him when he came home, instead of sitting on the couch nursing for seems like the 100th time that day. Time when I was able to talk to him for long periods of time without being interrupted by a baby’s cries. Time when I was able to go to bed with Stephen and wake up and cuddle with him in the morning before we started our day! Don’t get me wrong, I love this new stage of our life and it’s certainly what we’ve desired for a long time. I also know we are very blessed to be able to even conceive a child and we are very thankful for that! But that doesn’t mean we don’t miss past seasons in the middle of our new season. In order to “take back our couple time” and also get some sleep (as much as we can at this point!), on week nights, I feed Owen around 8-8:30pm and Stephen gets a head start on sleep. When I come into our room around 9:30pm, I’ll wake him up to cuddle a little bit. On weekends, we’ll usually spend time together between 9:30pm and the next feeding between 11pm-12am. This has really helped a lot! I know it’ll get better as Owen gets older and has a more predictable schedule too. I am reminded of this verse in Ecclesiastes often right now. There certainly is a season for everything and this is our season right now. I’m trying to find joy even in the hard parts and be as present as I can be, because before we know it, he’ll be all grown up!! :(


Some days you just let your baby sleep on you instead of trying to get him to sleep in his crib <3

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

a time to be born, and a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
a time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;
a time to weep, and a time to laugh;
a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
a time to seek, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
a time to tear, and a time to sew;
a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
a time to love, and a time to hate;
a time for war, and a time for peace.”

-Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

My Mom is coming to visit towards the end of March and we can’t wait! I’m looking forward to some company during the day and to be able to get a date with Stephen!! My bond with Stephen has grown exponentially and our teamwork has gotten even stronger than before (if that is even possible). We are constantly telling the other thank you SO much for doing what we are doing to keep this ship running smoothly. I absolutely love seeing him interact with Owen. He’s such a gentle and caring father to him but also makes him put on his big boy pants and do things he doesn’t like (e.g., tummy time, baths).

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Owen | 1 Month Old

I cannot believe our baby boy is 1 month old already! The first month of his life brought many challenges, but also so much joy! I hope to share what life with a newborn is really like in these posts, so that others know that they aren’t alone with some of the struggles! While I may post lots of cute baby pictures on social media, please know Owen isn’t perfect and happy all the time! I just choose to share happy images on social media, instead of photos of Owen crying or me pulling my hair out. Haha! One thing I want to share about in particular is our breastfeeding journey. For something that’s so natural, it’s pretty stinkin’ hard. 


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Owen’s Birth Story Pt. 2

Stephen was amazing during the entire surgery and did a great job keeping my mind off of what was going on. We talked about our little boy and what life would be like with him. We mostly talked about some of our favorite memories together, especially our honeymoon! The nurses kept commenting on how amazing Stephen was and I have to agree!! After a little while, I started feeling tons of pressure and pulling. As the tugging got more intense (intense as in I’m surprised I didn’t fly off the table with how hard they were pulling), I sensed a sound of concern in the doctor’s voice, but Stephen kept distracting me (knowing exactly what was going on). I found out afterward that they had a very difficult time getting Owen out so they had to cut one of my left abdominal muscles to get him out. Eek!

Soon enough, we heard his sweet cry!! I immediately teared up and looked to my left as they brought him over to the incubator to get checked out and cleaned up by the pediatric team. Stephen and I couldn’t believe that our baby boy was finally here! I remember my first glimpse of him was seeing his little legs flailing around in the incubator. I said to Stephen, “There really was a baby inside of me!” Haha! Obviously I knew that, but it seemed so surreal and abstract during the pregnancy. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that he weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches long! I never looked that big, but I think it was only because I have a very long torso and he was breech and all curled up in there. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they brought him over to us and Stephen held him as they stitched me up. I kept telling Stephen how cute he looked!! We had pretty much decided on the name but wanted to see him first before officially naming him. Stephen looked at me and said, I think we should definitely go with Owen and I agreed! Our little Owen! :)

Soon they were done and Stephen left with Owen while they got me ready to be wheeled into recovery down the hall. This was the only time I felt like I might get sick during the entire procedure. One of the nurses (I think she was a student), sat me up too quickly. Between that and the motion of being wheeled down the hall, I immediately asked for more anti-nausea medicine when I got to recovery. Thankfully that helped! We were in recovery for 1-2 hours so they could monitor me and make sure the spinal wore off. I was asked to keep trying to wiggle my toes and move my legs. I got to hold Owen skin-to-skin there, with Stephen’s assistance, and it was so nice!! I tried to take in all of his little features. I remember wanting to look at his legs and feet but he was swaddled! Haha. I was still kind of cold but flushed, so they kept a warm blanket on me and a cool compress on my head. Stephen fed me lots of ice chips too! Owen got checked out while we were in recovery and we were told that at the moment he didn’t have any issues with his hips! We knew that was something that could happen with him being breech. We will have to monitor his hips for a while to make sure they don’t have any issues. Right before we left, they gave me some more pain medicine that made me feel really weird and sleepy. Definitely wasn’t a fan of it! In general I hate taking medicine, especially if it makes me feel kind of off. But obviously after having a c-section, it’s no time to be a hero and refuse pain meds!


Sweet boy loves having his hands near his face

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Owen’s Birth Story Pt. 1

Hi there! I tell ya, life with a newborn leaves no time for hobbies, let alone time to get chores and the like done! This post will probably take me multiple days to write, because I only have time when Owen naps or if Stephen is home. Sadly his 4 weeks of paternity leave ended last week! 

My official due date was January 20th, but the c-section, due to Owen’s breech position, was scheduled for January 14th. I was so nervous leading up to the c-section date because I was worried I would go into labor before and have a rush-to-the-hospital situation on our hands! Thankfully, little Owen held out until the 14th!

On the night of the 13th we got all of our bags prepped and ready by the door and tried to enjoy our last night together just the two of us. Unfortunately, Stephen caught a cold the day before so he wasn’t feeling the best (praise God that Owen and I never caught it!). We spent our last night chowing down on Noodles & Co. (Stephen) and Chick-fil-a (me) while watching New Girl. Just our kind of night! The c-section was scheduled for 11:15am the next day and we were told to get to the hospital 2 hours earlier. Thankfully we were able to get some sleep the night before!

The morning of felt really rushed to me. I tried to get as much sleep as possible because I knew I wouldn’t be getting much over the next couple of days. I rushed to shower and get ready before we left. The only reason I didn’t shower the night before was because I figured it would be a little while until I was able to shower/wash my hair again (boy was I right!). Check in at the hospital was a breeze and we were quickly escorted to labor and delivery. They set us up in a small room that I assume is used to prep people before c-sections. I changed into my hospital gown and the nurse drew blood and got my IV started. The IV was a really weird sensation and felt kind of cold! 




Last photo of Owen before he came out!


My entertainer and encourager!

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Baby Boy is Here!

Hi everyone!

It has been quite a while since I last posted. Probably a little over a month at least? If you follow me on Instagram (@simplylindseyh), you know that we had our sweet little boy almost a month ago! Here’s a quick update for the time being. I fully plan on sharing his birth story and monthly updates on the blog. So, stay tuned! 
Owen Daniel Huang was born on Thursday, January 14th at 11:20am. He weighed 7 pounds and 10 ounces and was 21 inches long at birth! 

This was our first photo together as a family of three in recovery.


Love this sweet face!


This month has been quite a whirlwind – it’s been a joyful time getting to know our sweet boy, but it has also had its unique challenges. I’m looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks! Thank you for all of your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes! 

With that, I’m off to feed a hungry little boy who just woke up!

The Waiting Game

As I write this, I’m currently sipping hot chocolate (with marshmallows, obviously) and trying to tackle a few more things that I’ve somehow managed to add to my to-do list before baby arrives. The items remaining on my list include:

  • Laundry
  • Christmas gift thank yous
  • Sweep, dust, and vacuum
  • Double check if we are missing anything in our hospital bags
  • Charge cameras and electronics
  • Put light bulb in lamp in baby’s room
  • Put sheets on the pack n play (where he’ll be sleeping in our room at first)
  • Finish backing up files on computer and wipe it clean (we’re donating my iMac)
  • Hang pictures in our bedroom
  • Probably a few other things that I’m forgetting!

Waiting is not a strength of mine! Whenever I was in a class that had a presentation day, I always volunteered to go first because I hate the anxious feeling while waiting. So, I handle the anxiousness by keeping busy. Thankfully as we get closer to delivery day, I get more excited about meeting our baby and less nervous about some of the things that worry me (huge praise there!). I think the excitement of meeting our son and the reality of that has finally hit me. Still feels like it’s not happening though! It reminds me a little bit of our wedding day. I knew that we were getting married on that day, but the whole time I felt like I was at someone else’s wedding. It blew my mind that it was actually our wedding! I know that sounds silly, but I think it just takes a while for things to sink in for me.

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New Due Date?

Hey friends! Hope you’ve had a great weekend! I tell ya, it’s been a whirlwind of a week.  I meant to blog before now, but as you’ll see, there hasn’t been much time!

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